Personal mentoring is a tool for you to ‘Maximise Your True Potential.’ By discovering your winning formula, and taking the action to make things happen!

Benefits you will receive:
  • Leave the story of your past behind, and create your empowering future.
  • Increase your self-confidence, reap the benefits.
  • Increase your self-esteem, in all areas of your life.
  • Remove all obstacles and roadblocks, you perceive hold you back.
  • Live your life of happiness, knowing what happiness means to you!
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Transform your personal relationship. So you achieve the outcome you desire using our 3 C’s formula of consistent, committed, communication.

Why Relationship Mentoring?
Benefits to your relationship include:
  • Setting standards and expectations as one force for future growth.
  • Transform your relationships to new growth levels by applying consistent committed communication.
  • Align your personal values, to your relationship values, to your business values; ensuring optimum results.
  • Each program is individually designed to meet your personal needs, in your current relationships.
  • We offer Coaching, Weekend Workshops, and Retreats.
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Become effective in business results, transform your relationship and design your future for you and your partner!

A Program to Suit You
Benefits to your relationship include:
  • Master the power of communication, in your personal and business life.
  • Create and strategise your plan for future growth in your relationship and in the profits of your business.
  • This program is personally designed to your relationship needs.
  • This program is facilitated by husband and wife team Gilbert Francois and Kristy Lester
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The Empower Room is more than just a coaching company.

We take you on a journey of transformation where you live the experience and Love the Life YOU Live!

Grow. Achieve. Succeed.

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Personal Mentoring

Our Personal Mentoring/ Coaching guides you every step of the way to make consistent committed improvements in transforming who you were to who you really are at your core. We have a tool box of resources we know can help you.
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Relationship Mentoring

Our relationship mentoring/ Coaching is for all relationships, any combination. Its our mission to support your growth we will elicit your needs and design the coaching program to suit your situation. No matter where your relationship is at, you can always have more. Ask Us HOW!
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Our Programs

We offer a raft of programs designed to meet your needs, from weekend retreats, through to in home residential’s designed to transform your business and your personal relationship simultaneously. For more information call our friendly staff to assist you.

Kristy Lester

~ Empower Agent

  • We can show you how simple it is to achieve more in your life, identify what’s holding you back, realise your self-worth and value, while using the power of communication to achieve your success.