Relationships are a serious commitment. Every relationship has periods of intense passion, awesomeness, happiness, comfort and companionship… and periods of ugliness, pain, boredom, insecurity and even loneliness. So… relationship or rollercoaster? You choose! Maintaining a relationship means riding the roller coaster of emotions and doing what you can to allow love to conquer all! “We

You’ve seen them – couples who have been together practically since the beginning of time… still as happy and in love as the day they were smitten with Cupid’s arrow. What is their secret? How do they stay together, and happy, while others fall apart? Even the happiest couples have their ups and downs, but

Have you watered your lawn lately? Sometimes the grass is always greener on the other side: someone else has it better, has more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want. Do you ever look across the fence at the neighbour’s lawn and notice that it is greener and better looking than

At The Empower Room, we have an office mascot, a four-legged pedigree named Diesel. Diesel likes to be involved in my coaching sessions. His job is to teach my clients the importance of boundaries. Diesel has a favourite yellow ball. He takes his ball everywhere. In my sessions, he will place this ball at your