Your Last Goodbye

Wednesday, 18 September 2013 by

When you said your last goodbye with your partner… did you say, “I love you”? Three little words that are spoken so easily when the relationship is new… and often so rarely as the years go by. But what if there were no tomorrow? What if your goodbye was indeed the last one? Would you

Is your head spinning in the rat race or are you too scared to get off the wheel? You’ve probably heard coaches telling you to “take action” on your dreams. And that’s great. Action is the only way to get things done. But… are you spinning your wheels in place sometimes? Are you being efficient?

At The Empower Room, we have an office mascot, a four-legged pedigree named Diesel. Diesel likes to be involved in my coaching sessions. His job is to teach my clients the importance of boundaries. Diesel has a favourite yellow ball. He takes his ball everywhere. In my sessions, he will place this ball at your