Meet Our Team

Kristy Lester

Kristy has be know as the practical psychologist, being the person people turn to when looking for lasting results. She specializes in all forms of relationship mentoring, personal and professional, empowering client to reach their highest potential.

Gilbert Francois

Nearly 30 years of business experience, nationally and internationally to get your business systemised and automated with successful implementation and profit optimisation strategies across multiple industries, helping companies that find it a challenge in getting results.

Scott Hardie

Is a speech pathologist, autism and behavioural expert. He has worked within the education and mental health sectors for the past 14 years. He has successfully fulfilled these years within senior roles educating and guiding other speech pathologists, allied health staff and educators within this time.

Diesel CEO

(Canine Executive Officer)

With years of experience in perfecting relationships understanding how to have his needs met, while sharing the simplicity in connection his ability to relax whilst being laser focused on what’s most important to him, leads to an expertise beyond his years. His current sphere of influence surpasses that of his collective work colleagues. He predominantly works from the South Melbourne Office; so your paths are sure to cross as he’s most passionate about sharing with everyone the most important lesson of all!