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You Can Discover How to Accelerate Your Success, and Experience Excellent in Every Area of Your Life By Leveraging the Most Powerful NLP +TimeLine Therapy Techniques in the World…


Whether you want to become a coach…

Transform into an unstoppable force for good

Create the life you envision, every day or

Simply experience in-the-moment transformation, with no effort.

Because What We’ve Learned is that NLP + Timeline Therapy Can Be Used to Achieve the STRANGEST Things

(YES, it’s useful for more than just programming yourself to “walk across hot coals without feeling a thing” because you’ve got better things to do every day.”)

Every day we hear people telling us how our certification programs aren’t just for ‘coaching’, even if this program has turned out an abundance of extremely successful coaches!

In fact, most people use our programs personally because they hear about how our graduates:


i. Experience unstoppable confidence and success (control situation outcomes)

iii. Speak with authority, and get adults and children to easily follow your lead

iv. Get more coaching, consulting, or business clients (create ‘high demand’)

v. Begin enjoying things you previously ‘disliked’ (broccoli, getting fit, and paperwork)

vi. Become a master of persuasion or top sales professional  (get more money)

vii. Program your mind to lose weight (overcome weight-holding beliefs)

viii. Stop smoking, overeating, freaking out, or spinning in circles with worry

ix. Eliminate fears, phobias, phantoms from your past (without opening up to anyone)

x. Shift your reality in every imaginable area (you’ll see what I mean shortly)

And yes, you can program yourself to walk across coals.

But what we’ve found, is that most people really want to USE NLP in their daily lives, to become the best version of ‘self’ you’re envisioning.

To control how situations ‘turn out’.

And to TRIUMPH over every possible obstacle.

Because NLP Coaching + NLP Certification + Timeline Therapy Certification means that you stop saying, “I can’t because…”

And start hearing yourself say, “In just a minute I’ll be capable of doing it with ease after I use my favourite techniques…”

If you’ve heard about how NLP and timeline therapy is being used by ‘average people’ around the world to completely shift realities, then you already understand why thousands of people seek out this training every year.

And now you’re out of excuses because… 

Your Most Common ‘Limitations’ are Now Eliminated.

In the past, you might have faced a few ‘limitations’ when you sought out the best training for life transformation.

‘Limitations’ we’ve turned into myth’s, and barriers you’ll no longer have to overcome when you work with us include: 

“Certification is only for coaches”, or

“Learning from a REAL NLP Trainer costs more than $10,000”, or

“it sucks too much time out of my already busy life”, because I’ve designed this program for more than just professional coaches.

The fact is that you can unlock the secrets to excellent on your term in our ACCELERATED NLP Certification + NLP Coaching + Timeline Therapy Program.”

Before you sign up to complete the Accelerated NLP Certificationprogram and prepare to learnthe most powerful set of tools you can obtain in the pursuit of human excellence, especially when paired with TimeLine therapy, it’s vital that you make sure this is the right program for you.

While an abundance of NLP based certification programs exist, only those that meet the most rigorous standards in the world allow you to become qualified to join The American Board of NLP plus the Time Line Therapy Association

Because they teach REAL NLP. NLP you can use to reprogram your mind for the successful live you’ve envisioned.

And the most comment reason people take our accelerated certification program…

To experience more success as the person YOU want to become, with more money, time, and options in your life…

(Because everyone could use more money and time-freedom, wouldn’t you agree?)

Whilemost programs offer a watered down ‘taste’ of NLP, only providing you with the ‘theories’ without the proven strategies and techniques that have delivered results for more than 30 years, we show you how to get results from DAY ONE.

And when you register today, you’ll receive far more than a ‘taste’ of how to achieve human excellence. You’ll become part of anInternationally Recognized group of achievers who possess the skillset tocreate instant, lasting impact in your life, and the lives of others.

Without the expense of attending three different programs.

When people leave our program, certificates in hand, they realize they now possess the power to change LIVES—their own, their friends, their families and their clients—

And while we’ve turned out successful coaches in droves, we’re also experts at helping you realized HOW to transform your life…

One proven technique at a time.

So while our students often refer to us as, “exactly what you need to experience transformation and coach yourself and others to excellence in every area”, you’ll be the proud recipient ofinternationally recognised certifications:

NLP Coach Certification: Transform your own life, and the lives of those you know and love. Stop smoking, lose weight, overcome fears, build confidence, reduce pain,let go of limiting beliefs, and achieve your dreams without years of therapy or get paid more than most attorneys to help others achieve unbeatable results.


NLP Practitioner Certification: Learn the most advanced techniques.


Techniques that have helped eliminate the fear and sensation of walking across coals, techniques that have helped lifelong addicts stop smoking in one hour.


Techniques that allow you to reprogram your entire belief system, identity, install new capabilities, which allow you to EXCEL regardless of your environment.


Techniques that program you to take the ‘right actions’ to make more money, naturally.


Techniques that transform depression, anger, and sadness, from the past or present, into joy, confidence, and ‘calm in any storm’.


And even begin seeing more opportunities pour into every your life.


If you’d like you can even start your own business, individual, or group NLPpractice when you become an NLP Practitioner by completing this American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming approved professional certification.


Time Line Therapy® (TLT) Practitioner:

What if you could program your FUTURE success, now?


Our timeline therapy program has helped average and extraordinary people create NEW internal resources.


In fact, TLT is proven to help you INSTANTLY install ‘happiness’, ‘confidence’, ‘memory’, ‘skills’, and permanently end the sting of painful past memories. Plus this certification will allow you to earn a great income, at any time in the future, as a Timeline Therapy Coach, if that’s what you desire.


Unlike many ‘flimsy’ Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certifications, ours exceeds every standard of the Time Line Therapy Association.

Why Tens of Millions Await the Success Only PROPER NLP Coaching Can Deliver

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so challenging to find an NLP practitioner when you need one, it’s because we’re in high demand.

While most therapies are based on ‘finding the problem’ and ‘talking through it’, NLP and Time Line Therapy (TLT) are different.

In fact, these two powerful and proven modalities are known around the world for delivering in-the-moment transformation, with little to no effort.

Stop and think about what that meansfor your ‘every day’ life.

When you learn these techniques, you can pause at anytime, anywhere, and get yourself into the right ‘state’ for success.

You can be leverage the power of simple, time-tested, and psychologically proven techniques to stop, shift, and experience the outcome you desire.

And you’ll not only understand HOW to use the techniques. You’ll leave with a new set of ‘confidence’ and ‘skills’, plus the ability to know WHEN and WHY to leverage these powerful systems.

In fact, you’ll reshape your life, in every imaginable area including sales, management, communication, coaching, teaching, training, counselling and even at play!

Our holistic approach toward well-being is custom tailored to your needs, and guaranteed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit so you realize success,faster.

By your last day of training you’ll have overcome the ‘lack of knowledge’ surrounding your current systems of beliefs, and attitudes, and know how to strategically transform them to serve you (regardless of your level of education).

Instead of living in a dark cloud of excuses, or buried under the perception that you must ‘work hard’ to achieve success, you’ll be armed with the skills to help others (and yourself) achieve anything.

In fact, most people report a significant increase in their quality of life, their career success, and a deeper connection in their relationships.

Now that you know why millions await a skilled NLP practitioner, you might like to understand why we integrate the power of Time Line Therapy.

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If NLP delivers unprecedented results, why add the benefits of Time Line Therapy®?

If NLP is the engine that ‘drives’ the success you envision forward…

TLT is the cleaning crew that eliminates all the unnecessary beliefs holding you back, and the interior designer that positions you for excellence in the future.

When you sign up to discover how to use TLT effectively, you’ll learn how TLT can quickly, and easily allow you to…

i. Uncover the root cause of the ‘challenges’ you’re repeatedly experiencing

ii. Identify where to go in your mind, and what to do to ‘release’ the negative emotions that sabotage you like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt

iii. Eliminate the impact of memories that cause us to stop you from making success-driving decisions

iv. Eradicate the undermining thoughts that nagging voice in your head says, and finally move beyond “I can’t” to “Of course I can easily…”

v. And finally create an inspiring future that compels you to wake up in the morning filled with excitement.

Curious to discoverwhat you’ll add to your priceless new toolbox of unlimited potential?

The Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification Training program was strategically designed to help you learn everything you need to know in just seven days.

When you join us you’ll get the publicly known, and insider knowledge surrounding:

  • The Foundations of NLP
  • The Keys to Achieve Any Goal
  • The Fine Art of (Winning with) Communication
  • How We Use Our 5 Senses (and how they’re sabotaging your results)
  • Understanding How to Leverage the ‘Volume Control’ of your Emotions to Accelerate Success
  • How to Become a Master Orator and Communicator
  • The Power of Conditioning (and how to shift your pre-programed beliefs to serve you)
  • Why We Do the Things We Do
  • And A Few Lessons Better Left for the Privacy of Our Classroom…

Read More About the Foundations of NLP>>

What is NLP?

Many people experience difficulty coming up with a finite definition of NLP, and it’s no wonder considering the endless ways it can help to improve your quality of life.

Just as you’ll learn in our program, this is the definition that resonates most with us, and other world experts.

Your ‘map of the world’ may lead to NLP bringing something even greater to the table.

Achieve Excellence. In Any Area. Anywhere. Any Time. In MINUTES.

In our experience, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of human excellence that leads to the creation of endless blueprints for that excellence. It uses the most powerful techniques on the planet today, to bring about personal change.

Techniques and tools that allow you to change ‘how’ you think (internal), resulting in rapid life change (external), and it all happens because we model the excellence we gain from our studiesto consistently achieve specific and desired outcomes.  Over, and over, and over again.

The Foundations of NLP—You and Your World

  • How we create and ‘project’ our world around us
  • How our assumptions about that world allow for our success, or our failure
  • How we measure, act as observers, and label our experiences
  • How to take control of the connection between your mind and body
  • How to shift your beliefs from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I did’ so that you experience and interact with the world around you in a way that supports your dreams and helps you achieve goals.
  • How to use a simple model of communication that will always help you to get your message across effectively
  • And a few secret tools we only share with our students



The Keys to Achieving Your Goals—You and Your Success

  • How to set goals the right way, so that you can achieve them
  • How to ask questions that help people get crystal clear about their desired objective/outcomes
  • Why is it that you can achieve some goals, but not others, and which techniques to use to achieve them all
  • Plus you’ll see results faster when you combine TLT with NLP


The Fine Art of Communication—You and Your Message

  • Learn how to quickly build rapport with someone, so you both feel comfortable and confident
  • Discover the real secrets to body language
  • How to build trust and understanding quickly, using your voice tonality and speed
  • How to elegantly disagree with someone and still maintain rapport
  • And a few tricks that tie it all together, to get you faster results


Understanding the ‘Volume Control’ of Your Emotions

  • Learn how and why your brain is programmed like a computer and how to take control of your life with better ‘programming’
  • Learn how peoples’ negative beliefs are structured and how to help them and change their beliefs into a resource that supports their goals
  • Learn how to use ‘sub modalities’ to quickly change unwanted feelings and behaviours
  • Learn how to use the SWISH pattern to quickly and easily break old and unwanted habits
  • And more…

Become a Master Orator and Communicator

  • Understand how to use language patterns to communicate your message, so that it is heard and understood
  • Learn how to ask questions that get you the information you need, with speed and precision
  • Learn how to challenge and overcome objections elegantly
  • Learn how to gain agreement in negotiation with opposing points of view, in just minutes
  • Plus how to put it ALL together, and create an external version of you that people can’t say no to…




The Power of ‘Conditioning’

  • How you can create powerful, positive and productive anchors so you can be in charge of your own emotional state
  • How you can remove, through the ‘collapse anchor’ process, negative emotions or feelings from past experiences
  • How to transform procrastination into motivation – never get ‘stuck’ again



Why We Do The ‘Things’ We Do

  • Uncover and Discover how to use peoples’ decision-making strategies (for a win-win outcome)
  • Discover, through observing eye patterns, what motivates people to buy, so you can tailor your sales pitch regardless of how hesitant they seem
  • Learn how to change your negative strategies into more resourceful habits and how to use them more effectively, more often
  • Discover you and your partner’s deep love and attraction strategies to create a deeper relationship



Bottom of Form


Who Benefits Most from the Accelerated NLP Training?

  • Department Heads and Managers
  • Sales People*
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Trainers & Educators*
  • Medical Professionals
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Sports Teams & Athletes (coaches, captains, footballers, etc.)
  • Entertainers
  • Artists
  • Parents and Care Givers
  • Public Speakers & Promoters

When you stop and think about it…

Time will pass, whether you discover how to tap into your version of ‘excellence’ or look back in a year and feel despair from wasting another year. 

Wouldn’t you enjoy leveraging your newfound tools to control your future success to inspire people to achieve excellence?

It’s not hard to imagine why so many people like you enjoy…

Waking up in the morning, knowing you’ll accelerate your success, anywhere, any time, in every possible area, IN MINUTES.

Feeling relief roll over you after releasing the painful memories barricading your happiness

Spending every day with less worry, because you now know how to control your outcomes, and achieve your goals, no matter what

And using all the new techniques you’ll learn to help everyone you love achieve success and create meaningful relationships, all while getting paid to help clients do the same, every day?


You’ll empower, inspire, provide relief, and deliver more than hope…



You’ll know how to deliver the results client pay top NLP practitioners to achieve


And you’ll be amazed, when after just 7 days, you’re ready to experience it exactly as you’ve imagined.



Knowing that just 7 days, and $$$$ stands between you and your dreams probably feels like nothing, when you think about how hard you’ve worked just to get to where you sit today.


Sign up today if you’re ready to see yourself achieving the extraordinary results you deserveand fully realize all the reasons you’d like to help others do the same, by mastering the most powerful tools in the world.

You’ll get instant access to the materials you need to begin learning how to accelerate your success now, so you’ll be ready to coast through the 7 days it takes to MASTER Excellence when you sign up today.
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