Kneisa Ralph
  • Her refreshing approach is centered on relationship development
Kristy has been an amazing coach over the past two years, not only has she assisted my growth with career and life she has become a close friend.

Her refreshing approach is centered on relationship development which enables you grow to understand her as a person and her own experiences, removing the more common client and coach boundaries that can make such experiences formal and impersonal. Often our coaching conversations would be so enjoyable I would not realise until much later that I made a decision, changed direction, or identified a new approach or goal.

Her support is passionate and her excitement when you achieve your goals makes sessions enjoyable. The support extends way beyond coaching session times, it is invaluable to know that should you need a rock, sounding board or to share your excitement or experience, she is only an sms, call or skype away, both as a coach and friend.

If your ready to reach your goals, let go of the past or realise your dreams Kristy is the one to see.

Contact me should you like to hear more about working with Kristy,
Kneisa Ralph