A Powerful 3-Step System That Will Change Your Life

The Rapid Personal Breakthrough Program
is broken down into Three powerful
and life-changing steps.

Step 1 Download and Discover

A detailed personal history is taken during your first session. This is called the “Download and Discover” session. During this session; you download as much information as possible to reveal the conscious and unconscious details of the problem you want to resolve. This allows your coach to discover and put together the exact Model of Coaching that will release your old presenting problem and remove hidden blockages. No two interventions are ever the same. This first part of the Program takes approximately 2 – 4 hours consecutively and is completed, either on Skype, over the phone or face-to-face.

Step 2 Rapid Personal Breakthrough

This is usually a few days and no longer than a week after the initial session. This allows your coach to format and construct a personalised Model of Coaching and strategy that will breakthrough your presenting problems. Our second meeting is the “intervention” part of the Program. We may need up to 8 hours, and it is recommended that you don’t go back to work or that you don’t plan anything too important for the rest of the day. Most people experience instant release and a profound understanding with new resources and refreshed feelings of freedom and optimism. Many people also experience tiredness and fatigue. This is the body’s way of saying; “I need a rest or some time out” because you will have just had a very powerful shift and transformation. The methodologies that are used in this session are the best in the world and are based on creating lasting change. The Rapid Personal Breakthrough Program© is a proven method of letting go of the past and creating a more positive future, based on better resources and understanding.

Step 3 Goal Setting

The last part of the Rapid Personal Breakthrough Program© is an extremely powerful goal-setting session. This involves discussing your deepest goals and installing them into your Future Timeline, again using the most advanced strategies and principles of human excellence and achievement available. This session normally takes up to 2 hours and it is fundamentally about turning your dreams into reality because once you have left the baggage and limitations of your past behind, it will truly be “your time to shine”. In this session we work together to create your roadmap to getting exactly what you want in life… having goals is a good start, achieving them is even better!

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What Clients are saying

Kristy has helped me change the way i see the world and myself and helped me define my goals. She is a truly inspiring person to be around, she motivates people just by talking to them. I feel blessed to have met Kristy, she has inspired me to someday be like her and inspire other people.

My sessions with you Kristy have been a journey beyond explanation. I experienced highs and lows and discovered feelings and emotions so intense I did not know existed. You have provided me with amazing tools and invaluable knowledge that has helped me challenge myself, and finally after years, release huge negative emotions and SMASH my limiting beliefs out from beneath me. This has not only changed my life, but has created change within the most beautiful, closest people around me. WOW, I feel amazing and to know I have created a massive, sustainable, positive change, I am forever grateful! I now live my life at cause and CREATE THE LIFE I WANT, every single day! Thank you, my experience with you has been priceless.. an experience I will NEVER FORGET!!! YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING…

When I first met Kristy in 2012, I was in a diabolical work situation, counselling wasn’t working and I was desperately needing some assistance and support so I could manage my way through it. I decided I needed something more and contacted another friend who recommended Kristy. Being a complementary therapies practitioner, I was all too well aware how difficult it can be to resolve our own issues, when in the midst of them and to remember it is perfectly ok to ask for help when we need it. During my coaching sessions, Kristy always made me feel relaxed and that I was more than a client which enabled me to be a better ‘patient’ – even through some particularly difficult sessions. I found her methods and her approach to be practical and professional at all times. From the moment we met, I never had any doubts about her coaching methods or advice she was to give me. After each session I was eager for the next one and couldn’t wait to start whatever ‘homework’ I was given each week. Kristy has been unbelievably valuable in during this time. She has provided a much needed support in my healing and my progression over the months has been accelerated by her warmth, caring and professionalism. Since starting my journey of change, we have now become friends and I would happily recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to make the best changes to their lives.

For more than 10 year I have been devoted to personal development and improvement in all areas of my life. I have however, found a few sticking points within some areas of my life that required work where I was repeating the same experiences again and again. Over the years I have actively and tirelessly pursued many avenues for resolution including studying to obtain qualifications in various modalities myself. Kristy has recently been working with me to tackle the "hard issues" which have previously been relentless. I thought seeking Kristy's assistance to work with me would involve a long and arduous process to impart changes. In just a few sessions (and short weeks) I have achieved (with Kristy's expertise), successes which I had been working on for 10 years! Having been trained myself in some modalities I found I could not assist myself fully to provide the objective point of view required. I have found Kristy to be a very keen observer with a natural skill to quickly get to the root cause of underlying issues which were often areas I had not considered before. My sessions with Kristy have been very insightful to provide the great shift in my consciousness that was required for me to experience life in all its fullness. I cant wait to see what is install in the future for me, knowing that I am an active participant in my plans. I cannot recommend (and thank) Kristy highly enough and can assure anyone thinking of taking action to obtain improvements within their life, that Kristy is a perfect choice if you want full support from a trusted and caring professional who holds your interests and success at heart.

The Program Is Completely Confidential & Private

One of the most important aspects of the program is that it is 100% confidential. During the course of your Rapid Personal Breakthrough Program© we may need to work through issues that you consider private and sensitive in nature. No one else is present during the program (unless you request them to be) and a confidentiality contract will be signed that ensures you 100% privacy.

Nothing is more important than your sense of comfort, security and privacy.

We are only willing to work with people that want to change, who want to remove their hurts, leave bad habits and problems behind and instead take hold of a brand new life with a brighter future. So for you to succeed, then we ask that you are willing to play at 100%. What this means is that you must be ready to breakthrough your self-limiting beliefs, negative emotions and blockages. If you want to stay trapped in situations of hurt, negativity, sadness or failure then that is your choice. But, if you’re willing to take a positive step forward, then we are here to guide you every step of the way.

The Rapid Personal Breakthrough Program© is charged at a fixed rate, we work together till you get your result.

The Program Comes With A No-Risk,
100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Of course it does.

The Rapid Personal Breakthrough Program© is a proven system.

To put it simply – it works. We are so confident that it will work for you that We offer a No-risk, 100% money back guarantee if you have not felt the benefits of The Rapid Personal Breakthrough Program©.

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose, and Everything To Gain.

If you haven’t felt the benefits of this powerful and effective program, at the end of our time together I will simply refund your money. However, we should mention that in all of our Rapid Personal Breakthrough Sessions to date, this has never happened once.


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It is often said that if you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them for life.

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