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The Empower Room is designed for people who are interested in achieving lasting and profound change in their personal and professional lives.

It’s for someone like you – who wants to be empowered to achieve even greater success in your personal life through improved communications.

The Empower Room is your online centre of resources for a better you.

We deliver advice, courses and tools for you to empower you to put your best foot forward in your personal and professional life.

We know that there’s a lot of advice out there. And we mean, a lot. But our team of personal relationship mentors and coaches have spent years scouring the raft of resources available through thought leaders and training institutions to bring you the best in personal development, business growth, neuro-linguistic programming and self-coaching.

So that you can get on with the doing to achieve your successes.

We will show you just how simple it is to achieve more in your life – identify what’s holding you back, realise your self-worth and true goals, and use communication to achieve success beyond your dreams.

So join The Empower Room community now to explore our daily inspirations and training courses. And take the next step towards your most successful you.

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From Kristy Lester:

~ Empower Agent

  • “I can show you how to deliver lasting and profound change in your life – so you can achieve success in your personal and professional life through empowerment.”
    ~ Kristy Lester
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A Powerful 3-Step System -
"That Will Change Your Life!"

Session one: Download and Discover A detailed personal history is taken during your first session, to discover and put together the exact Model of Coaching that will release your old presenting problem and remove hidden blockages. No two interventions are ever the same.

Session two: Rapid Personal Breakthrough is the “intervention” part of the Program, and a proven method of letting go of the past and creating a more positive future, based on better resources and understanding.

Session three: Goal Setting In this session we work together to create your roadmap to getting exactly what you want in life… having goals is a good start, achieving them is even better!

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Online NLP Course

Study in the comfort of your own home... at your own pace. With the full support of our team to guide you through your studies, answer questions and provide feedback.

Most people use our programs personally because they hear about how our graduates:
  • Experience unstoppable confidence and success (control situation outcomes)
  • Speak with authority, and get adults and children to easily follow your lead
  • Get more coaching, consulting, or business clients (create ‘high demand’)
  • Become a master orator or top sales professional (get more money)
  • Shift your reality in every imaginable area (you’ll see what I mean shortly)

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