DATE: April 2012 / LOCATION:
For more than 10 year I have been devoted to personal development and
improvement in all areas of my life. I have however, found a few sticking
points within some areas of my life that required work where I was repeating
the same experiences again and again. Over the years I have actively and
tirelessly pursued many avenues for resolution including studying to obtain
qualifications in various modalities myself.

Kristy has recently been working with me to tackle the "hard issues" which
have previously been relentless. I thought seeking Kristy's assistance to
work with me would involve a long and arduous process to impart changes.

In just a few sessions (and short weeks) I have achieved (with Kristy's
expertise), successes which I had been working on for 10 years! Having been
trained myself in some modalities I found I could not assist myself fully to
provide the objective point of view required.

I have found Kristy to be a very keen observer with a natural skill to
quickly get to the root cause of underlying issues which were often areas I
had not considered before.

My sessions with Kristy have been very insightful to provide the great shift
in my consciousness that was required for me to experience life in all its
fullness. I cant wait to see what is install in the future for me, knowing
that I am an active participant in my plans.

I cannot recommend (and thank) Kristy highly enough and can assure anyone
thinking of taking action to obtain improvements within their life, that
Kristy is a perfect choice if you want full support from a trusted and caring
professional who holds your interests and success at heart.

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