DATE: March 2013 / LOCATION:
When I first met Kristy in 2012, I was in a diabolical work situation, counselling wasn’t working and I was desperately needing some assistance and support so I could manage my way through it. I decided I needed something more and contacted another friend who recommended Kristy.
Being a complementary therapies practitioner, I was all too well aware how difficult it can be to resolve our own issues, when in the midst of them and to remember it is perfectly ok to ask for help when we need it.
During my coaching sessions, Kristy always made me feel relaxed and that I was more than a client which enabled me to be a better ‘patient’ – even through some particularly difficult sessions. I found her methods and her approach to be practical and professional at all times. From the moment we met, I never had any doubts about her coaching methods or advice she was to give me. After each session I was eager for the next one and couldn’t wait to start whatever ‘homework’ I was given each week.
Kristy has been unbelievably valuable in during this time. She has provided a much needed support in my healing and my progression over the months has been accelerated by her warmth, caring and professionalism.
Since starting my journey of change, we have now become friends and I would happily recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to make the best changes to their lives.

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